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The Glulam module is integrated into cadwork 2D and is designed to generate all data necessary for glulam production.
Based on the shape of a glulam beam, the module calculate the list and distribution of laminates automatically as well as laminates rough size and much more.
Thanks to the integration in cadwork 2D, many tools are available to edit laminates manually and easily.
Resulting data are exported in a customized list. On top of laminates data, presses position are also taken into account since the exact position as well as the angle is calculated for a quick and precise setup.
When calculating, many parameters can be taken into account:
  • Thickness of laminates
  • Length of laminates
  • Joints offset
  • Assembly joints
  • Glue type
  • Offcuts
  • Laminates grade
  • Press dimensions and distance
  • etc.
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