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Improve your expertise in construction, expand your career opportunities by following training straight from cadwork. As a designer, engineer, technician or architect, you will always be winning and gaining a lot out of it. With a training tailored to your CAD/CAM needs, you will bring your expertise and knowledge to another level.
Nowadays, it is no longer feasible to realize innovative constructions without a 2D/3D solution.
By receiving training on the cadwork software, the interested user learns more about this thanks to the various modules.
Experienced instructors pass on their technical expertise in accordance with the current market requirements as well as the specific needs of participants.

The duration of the training can vary between 1 to 3 days and will satisfy the many needs of builders, engineers, techinicians, technical designers and architects in particular. At cadwork, every person will find a training that suits her best.

Our training sessions are usually held at our various cadwork branches or on site, at the client's premises.

The trainings can be booked at any time by appointment and are custom-tailored to your needs.
After the training, you will have the abilities and qualifications which you will need to complete your drawings as well as your professional plans with cadwork quickly and efficiently.
 Trainings are organised upon clients' requests only.
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