The evolution of the wood's construction market brings more and more companies to specialize in the conversion, renovation or alteration of buildings.

To best meet these new requirements, a powerful tool for CAD / CAM both flexible, remains indispensable. Cadwork, naturally, offers these possibilities.

In addition, existing buildings on which are realized these many projects often have architectural geometric shapes highly variable, causing additional difficulties with regard to the identified dimensions on site.

Simplify alignment work using utlra-performance theodolites providing maximum flexibility for industrial and construction applications. In the digital era, new tools are needed to remain competitive.

Cadwork offers the Leica Builder, which is a major step in this direction.

These solutions encompass two main themes:

Building: Different points of measurements made by a tachometer (existing building, raised tile, etc ...) are transmitted directly to cadwork 3D.

The result then appears in real time in points and in lines in cadwork 3D.

This drawing can then be reworked directly in cadwork 3D and then returned to the tachometer. The device then points with accuracy the changes directly on site.

Civil Engineering: A three-dimensional topographic survey done by a surveyor using the total station can be easily and quickly modeled in cadwork 3D via the Field Module.

It will then be possible to design and draw a structure in 3D cadwork considering its topographical real environment and in order to exploit all kinds of information such as:

- Volume of embankment / excavation

- Topographic data of implantions

- Production data (sloping terrain on construction)

- Landscape integration


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