Headquarters of Wood Technical Center FCBA

Mathis is a company which specializes in the design, manufacturing and construction of large timber structures based on glue-laminated timber framework, timber frames and solid panels.

Since 1875, Mathis has always sought excellence, placing the well-being of its clients and collaborators at the center of its development.

Mathis was in charge of the structure and glue-laminated wood on this beautiful project: The Headquarters of Wood Technical Center FCBA located in Champs sur Marne (77). The project was done in 2013-2014.

Client : Entreprise Léon Grosse – Versailles (77)

Architect : Atelier 4+ - Lyon (69)


3 rue des Vétérans – 67600 MUTTERSHOLTZ – France

Tél : +33 3 88 85 10 14

Website : www.mathis.eu/en/


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