Benson Woodworking - Open Building Strategy
In this video, Tedd Benson of Bensonwood gives a talk about the concept of open buildings at the Build Boston's Open Building Conference 2011.
Inspired by John Habraken and Stewart Brand, he talks about separating the outer envelope and then inner parts of the building. This allows the disentanglement of the building and makes the structure adaptable through its uses.
The concept is mainly about an extremely well made and durable outer shell that should last centuries and an inner core that is separate from this shell and that is easily adaptable and changeable without affecting the outer envelope of the building.
The whole concept allows extremely weather-tight houses that are very energy efficient and also allows the people living in the building to change the interior configuration at little financial cost and at little impact on the shell.
In part 1, Tedd demonstrates how we can learn from architectural visionaries like John Habraken and Stewart Brand about the need to disentangle structures and make homes more adaptable and sustainable. Click here to view part 1
In part 2, Tedd shares Bensonwood's own industry-leading Open-Built® methodologies, products and systems developed to disentangle buildings, as well as his vision on a way forward for the industry. Click here to view part 2
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