For many years, numerous and spectacular engineering projects and wood buildings have been completely achieved with cadwork.

There are many examples like the famous Roof of the Expo in Hannover or roller coasters in Soltau, in Gothenburg, in New York, in South Korea and in Tripsdrill / Heilbronn as well.

cadwork was also used for the project of the well-know architect Sir Norman Foster in St. Moritz, Switzerland, to design the spectacular rounded construction called the "Chesa Futura". The "Gecko" was constructed by the Wiesemann company in Dülmen.

Today, worldwide, a large number of engineers working in the wood construction industry use cadwork and appreciate its almost unlimited flexibility in 3D as well as its ease of use to combine wood, concrete and metal.


Hardware, steel connectors and many others can be entered, evaluated, listed and exported with their real geometry, quantity and with all necessary data.

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