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Ultimate Timberpack
Additional features compared to the Professional Timberpack:
The Roof pro module to solve complex roof layout using the profile input window. Automatic hip and valley rafters, posts, ridge beams, purlins, plates and all rafters. In roof planes, create dormers, windows and chimney headers in a snap. Manage up to 30 roof planes in a project, cut birds-mouth and laps, copy rafter layout and much more.
The Utlimate Timberpack includes the following modules:
►  2D
►  3D
►  List
►  Roof Pro
►  Element
►  Variant
The different packages : 
►  Professional Timberpack
Ultimate Timberpack
We will gladly make you a customized offer for the package which suits your needs the most. Don't hesitate to contact us.
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