Import/Export IFC

Thanks to the IFC Import / Export and IFC language (universal format for data exchange used to convert the native format in universal forma), cadwork is able to import building information from different platforms.

These will allow you to rely on your architect's plans without errors, dimension input or blueprint reading. Each player can then benefit from the expertise of its employees and capitalize on its own expertise in a convenient single file.

The IFC Import / Export also lets you import a Sketchup model and turn it into a cadwork 3D file.

3D architecture coming from software such as Allplan, ArchiCAD, Revit and other software for metal and concrete structures, HVAC, thermal calculation, are directly imported in cadwork.   After completing the production side, cadwork still allows you again to transmit your data to the global digital model through the use of IFC language.

To comply with the BIM process, sole the information from cadwork be exported to produce the structural part and the digital model production.

As always, our efficient support team of professionals enhanced by our BIM expert advice is provided to you.

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