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Is there a way to rent or lease the cadwork software?
The acquisition of the cadwork software can be made by other means than a standard purchase, for example, by renting it out or by obtaining a lease.
Maximum 2-month stand-alone code : in case of temporary work overload, you might have access to a 2-month stand-alone code maximum. No renewal of code will be permitted after two months. The firm must be up-to-date with its maintenance fee in order to get this service. 
Over 2-month or longer rental : in case of a longer work overload period, we suggest you rent the software. The lenght of validity of a rental is generally unlimited but the terms of it have to be defined on a contract.  
In case the software is purchased at a later stage, it is not possible to deduct the price of the rental from the software price. Rental is a service offered to our clients. Upon request only.
Lease on software purchase : the length of validity for a leasing can go from 18 up to 24 months. After this period of time, you have acquired the license and initiate a maintenance contract for the following years, just like a normal purchase.
If you're taking advantage of the rental or leasing arrangement for the software, the updates as well as the technical support service (hotline) are offered during the validity of your contract and included in the monthly payments.
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