student version
As a student from a school accredited by cadwork, you are entitled to order a student version. By paying a single amount of $ 100, used to cover the costs of administering the license,  you will benefit from a license valid for the entire duration of your studies.
The user code is calculated for a one-year period and then extended as long as needed (freely) upon presentation of a valid school certificate.
In case of theft or loss of the usb memory stick, we will replace it at a cost of $ 50. Please contact our cadwork office in this case.
With the student version, you can immediately put into practice the knowledge you acquired while studying.
► Basics :
The students, teachers and schools have access to the full and original version of cadwork and is not limited in its functionalities (Advanced package).
You are provided with a powerful and unlimited version of the software but  we except that the licence is only used for educational purposes and in no way to make profit out of it
No machine module is available in the student version. 
 How to order your student license :
 Please fill in the student version form and accept the general conditions of sales, send both forms signed to our office in Montreal together with your payment.
Extend your student license:
 Send a copy of a school certificate valid for a year and your license will be extended free of charge. 
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