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*** Free 2-month trial version ***
As a prospective user of a 3D CAD/CAM design software, it is important to choose a system tailored to your specific needs.
 ... so what better way to do that than to try it out before you buy it !
We offer you a chance to use and test the full cadwork version during 2 months, following a 2-day training either onsite or online with one of our representatives.
During the trial period our Technical Staff will be available to help you out and follow up on your experience with the software.
Following a 2-day training, you will have gained enough skills to achieve your professional plans and drawings quickly and efficiently with cadwork.
This trial period will also allow you to safely invest on the long run and always work with a system that is at the forefront of technology.
Should you wish to get the trial version, please fill in the request form here . One of our representatives will get back to you shortly.
We look forward to meeting up with you!
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