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The cadwork machine module complements the 3D program and is used for preparing 3D data for CNC machines used in wood constructions. The user has an automatic recognition of the parts geometry and therefore standard projects are well facilitated.
Moreover, the cadwork machine module has a manual graphical identification of the projects thanks to which complex assemblies are easily prepared and sent to production. These data are recognized by all current machines on the market. The capabilities of your machine can be used to 100% of their potential.
Our experience and contact with hundreds of users are your guarantee that the latest technologies are rapidly incorporated into the program.
An essential feature of the machine module resides in the fact that data from a building designed with Autocad for example, can be imported into cadwork 3D using an interface and transferred to the machine. Thus, changes in construction may take place later in cadwork.
Sample of CNC machines that are compatible with cadwork :
  • Hundegger/Cambium
  • Weinmann
  • Baljer&Zembrod
  • Krüsi, Krusimatic and Lignamatik
  • Essetre
  • Creneau Industriel
  • CMS
  • Randek
  • and others
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